Practice Areas

Commercial, Corporate and Financial

The Commercial, Corporate and Financial department covers various practice areas including:


The firm represents a number of Airlines in Sri Lanka and corresponds with global law firms that are leaders in the Aviation industry, utilising the expertise and comprehensive knowledge our partners possess in the regulations regarding:

  • Aviation
  • Cargo and passenger claims
  • Litigation
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Coverage issues
  • Claims and defence
  • Route licensing
  • International Air transport regulations
  • Bilateral aviation agreements
  • Aircraft purchase
  • Financing leasing
  • Employment issues


The firm possesses a broad practice in all areas of insurance, with special expertise in:

  • Reinsurance
  • Non-contentious insurance
  • General claim insurance


At the firm, we provide legal advice to our clients who are involved in the Marine and Shipping industries, on the following:

  • Marine litigation and arbitration
  • Admiralty matters
  • Arrest and release of ships,
  • Bank security enforcement
  • Cargo claims and P&I work
  • Charter party
  • Contractual disputes with underwriters
  • Documentary credit
  • Disposal of cargo
  • Contracts of affreightment and charter parties


We offer our expertise in various areas of the financial sector including:

  • Advising on loan agreements
  • Letters of credit
  • Bank and Corporate guarantee
  • Bills of exchange
  • Security matters
  • Taxation
  • Auditing


The firm specializes particularly in facilitating the legal necessities involved with business transactions such as:

  • Management contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Equipment and service contracts
  • Export sale agreements
  • Onshore and offshore supply agreements

General Real Estate

The firm provides services in the Real Estate sector include:

  • The purchase, sale, financing and development of commercial, industrial, hotel and residential properties
  • The leasing and subleasing office, retail and other commercial space
  • Guidance on structuring real estate transactions, property management permits and all other regulatory requirements


The firm helps navigate through complications by providing expert legal advice and practical solutions in various areas regarding employment including:

  • Advice on all aspects of labour law
  • Represents clients in negotiating settlements on collective labour conditions
  • Advice on employee benefit plans, share option covenants and confidentiality clauses
  • The contracting- out of services

The firm also extends it’s services to corporate executives and directors who seek advice in negotiating service conditions or amicable severance of services.


At the firm, provide holistically crafted services, including:

  • Assisting overseas clients in dealing with entry rules and procedures
  • Variations and extensions of visas
  • Obtaining clearance for employment and business

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