Paul Ratnayeke Associates

Paul Ratnayeke Associates was founded in 1987 by its Senior Partner, Mr. J. H. Paul Ratnayeke to create a more focused, efficient and responsive practice in the fields of Corporate, Commercial, Litigation and Financial law.

The firm ensures that all clients’ legal needs receive attention from field experts. The firm has a continuing policy of providing an exclusive service by developing and expanding existing specialty areas to the client’s needs. The firm’s corporate law practice is exclusive and provides a range of features including general corporate representations, intellectual property services, execution of transactions and company secretarial services.

The Firm

The firm operates as a partnership and is represented by its five partners who handle different divisions.

We offer client-oriented services in relation to various categories of work that include:

  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Litigation, Banking and Finance
  • Employment
  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Insurance
  • M&A/ Joint Ventures
  • Restructuring/ Projects
  • Conveyancing and Property
  • Dispute resolution/ Arbitration
  • Taxation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Foreign Investment
  • Condominium law

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